Nottinghamshire Healthy Families Programme Consultation

Closed 17 Dec 2023

Opened 20 Nov 2023


The Nottinghamshire Healthy Families Programme, delivered by local Healthy Family Teams, has been in place since April 2017. Healthy Family Teams are made up of health visitors, school nurses and other experienced team members. Healthy Family Teams support the health and wellbeing of children, young people, and families. 

The service is funded by Nottinghamshire County Council and delivered by Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

The current contract is coming to an end, and we are pleased to confirm our plans to enter into a new contract with Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust to carry on delivering this service, through a type of contract known as a co-operation agreement.

The budget for the service is not being reduced and the same teams will be delivering the service. We have an opportunity to make some changes for the better to the way the Healthy Families service is delivered, and we would like to offer you the chance to comment on these.