Kinoulton Primary School: Proposal for alteration of age range

Closed 20 Jun 2024

Opened 23 May 2024


The age range at Kinoulton Primary School be lowered to 3 – 11 years from the existing 4 – 11 years. This would enable the school to offer a Foundation 1 Early Years provision. This will be effective from the start of the Spring Term 2025.

Kinoulton is a small village in South Nottinghamshire that currently does not have any provision in the village for preschool aged children. This is the only school in the area that does not offer provision for F1 children.

The school and governing body have carried out a survey of families and the local community, the results showed that there was a need for Foundation 1 Early Years provision. The proposal, approved by the governing body, is to reduce the age range within the school to 3 years from 4 years to enable the school to provide opportunities for 3 year old (Including access to Wrap Around Care services) providing continuous childcare and Education from 7.30am to 6pm.

There will be no change to statutory school places within the school.

Pupil numbers:

The maximum number of children who will be able to access a place at the F1 provision will be 10. 


The current admissions arrangements of Kinoulton Primary School will not be affected by this proposal.

Displaced pupils:

There will be no pupils displaced by this proposal.

Impact on the community:

The school governing body approved this proposal.

Children and families of 3 year-olds will have access to early years childcare and education in their own locality. They will not need to travel to an alternative provider out of the area to access their free entitlement place.


No alteration to existing travel arrangements will be caused by this proposal.