Mission Primary School: Proposal for alteration of age range

Closed 8 Dec 2022

Opened 10 Nov 2022


The proposal is that the age range at Mission Primary School be lowered to 2 – 11 years from the existing 5 – 11 years. This would enable the school to offer a Foundation 1 Early Years provision

The school are keen to support the pre-school and prevent the closure of a much-needed community provision. The pre-school is happy with this proposal and are working with the school to identify where they could operate from within the school. The school will take over the running of the pre-school and are currently working with Pupil Place Planning to consult with parents and the wider community about lowering the age range of the pupils of the school. The pre-school currently provides places for 2, 3 & 4 year olds and particularly support vulnerable 2 year olds. There is very limited childcare in the area, so the childcare sufficiency is an important factor in this case.

Preschool sessions would be offered to a maximum of 26 places.

Pupil numbers:

9 funded children. Preschool sessions would be offered to a maximum of 26 places.


The current admissions arrangements of Mission Primary School will not be affected by this proposal.

Please note, there will be no pupils displaced by this proposal.

The school governing body has approved this proposal on 13.10.22

Children and families of 2, 3 & 4-year-olds will have access to early years childcare and education in their own locality. They will not need to travel to an alternative provider out of the area to access their free entitlement place.

No alteration to existing travel arrangements will be caused by this proposal as it is expected that existing families using current Mission Pre-School will continue to use the new F1 provision at East Mission Primary School.