Designation of New Local Nature Reserves

Closed 13 May 2024

Opened 8 Apr 2024


We are planning to designate new Local Nature Reserves in Nottinghamshire on some of our existing green spaces.

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) are special areas that are protected for both people and wildlife. They play a key role in helping to both protect and enhance England's biodiversity. LNRs are a great place to study nature, learn about wildlife or just enjoy the environment. 

There are currently 67 LNRs in Nottinghamshire (County and City), with the County Council managing six of these. Existing LNRs can be viewed on Designated Sites View website.

We are now starting to progress with the designation of three sites:

  • Newstead Old Coal Stocking Yard, Freckland Wood and the Linby Trail
  • Dob Park
  • Kimberley Green and the Great North Railway Path

These proposed sites have been strategically selected for their proximity to significant population centres and they will all be managed by the Council’s Green Space service. We have produced a management plan for each and aim to ensure the positive management of these sites for wildlife and to promote public access.

Before submission of these plans to Natural England as part of the formal designation process, we welcome your views on the management plans, and the sites more generally by completing the online survey below.