West Bridgford on-street parking review

Closed 22 Jan 2024

Opened 4 Dec 2023

Results updated 7 Feb 2024

Over 800 responses!

🚦 Thank you so much to everybody who gave us their thoughts on our on-street parking review.

All of this information is now being processed by our teams.

Here's Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, Councillor Neil Clarke MBE to talk about the responses we have had, and the next steps. 👇


Have you faced problems finding parking in West Bridgford? We’re interested in hearing from residents, workers, or frequent visitors to the town.

Are there any changes to on-street parking that could make your experience better?

West Bridgford has a popular and diverse retail centre and is close to most of the county’s major sporting destinations. Consequently, it attracts millions of visitors annually many of whom visit by car.

We know from feedback and detailed studies that parking availability is regularly raised as an issue. Good access by all types of transport is crucial to support a town centre and for many people using a car is their main choice.

To protect the town’s future and make sure everyone can access it, the county council wants to know about your parking experiences.

Short-stay parking is very important for local businesses as it ensures a turnover of visitors many of whom only need to stop for less than an hour to access services.  

West Bridgford has a mix of restrictions, and some areas are completely unrestricted so there are possible opportunities to increase the available space. This could reduce congestion from visitors circling and looking for spaces which should improve air quality.

Why your views matter

Your experiences with finding parking around West Bridgford are important and they will help us decide if we should make changes to the restrictions in future.

We’ve put together a questionnaire with some ideas on how to create more on-street parking spaces. Right now, we really want to know what people think, especially those who might be affected. The council will carefully listen to all the responses before making any decisions.

What happens next

Following analysis of any comments received during the consultation period, the next step will be to review the feedback. The council will very carefully consider all views provided as it is important to understand how these suggestions could impact upon the local community.

If changes are then proposed, the county council will formally advertise the proposals as part of the traffic order process and again we would welcome all comments received at this stage.

Any objection received at this stage would have to be considered by the elected members.