Housing Strategy Consultation

Closed 19 Jul 2023

Opened 24 May 2023


We have published a draft Housing Strategy to set out our commitment to support housing and independent living across the County. 

We are looking to receive feedback on its draft proposals from organisations involved in housing, especially District and Borough Councils and everyone who plays a role in housing in the County.

Although we are not a housing or planning authority for housing, we play a key role in supporting new housing development and supporting people to live independently.

For the first time our Housing Strategy brings together and sets out our proposals to improve the work we do across Nottinghamshire to enable housing and support housing needs. Good, safe, environmentally sustainable, and affordable housing is critical for healthier and more independent lives. In most cases we work on housing projects in association with our Borough and District partners, who have specific responsibilities for housing,

We are closely involved in housing development through our roles in social care, children’s services, public health, highways and infrastructure, and as property owners. Our aim is to support quality homes and residential areas, help people live healthier independent lives and support those with complex and urgent housing needs.

The draft Strategy sets out the background to housing in Nottinghamshire, the work which the County Council is involved with and describes our proposed approach – setting out goals, outcomes, and actions which we plan to take forward to help focus our work with partners over the next five years. 

We invite all with an interest in the future of housing in Nottinghamshire to read this document and let us know what you think.