Informal consultation: launch of a Free School Presumption Competition regarding a new primary school in the Mansfield East Planning Area

Closed 4 Apr 2021

Opened 1 Mar 2021


This consultation is non-statutory and is an informal means of gathering local views on the proposal outlined below.


Before embarking on the launch of a Free School Presumption competition, Local Authorities are encouraged by the Department for Education to conduct local, informal consultation. The aims of this are:

  1. to publicise the need for a new school among the local stakeholder community and potential sponsors
  2. feedback gathered through consultation will be valuable and contribute to formulate and finalise the LA’s specification for a new school before its publication.

Nottinghamshire County Council is therefore conducting a local, informal consultation prior to the initiation of a Free School Presumption. This consultation is in accordance with the DfE advice as published in ‘The free school presumption’, departmental advice for local authorities and new school proposers’, (p.8), DfE, November 2019.

Why we are consulting

We are seeking the opinion of local stakeholders, including residents, on a proposal to open a new primary school within the Lindhurst housing development.

More information about a proposed new primary Free School in the Mansfield East area is available through the link below.

More details about the proposed new primary Free School in Mansfield East area