Personalised care planning within Maternity Services Survey

Closed 26 Mar 2019

Opened 26 Feb 2019


In 2016 ‘Better Births’ a report on women’s experiences of maternity care was published.  One of the key findings from this report was that women want to feel more involved in their maternity care. The Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Maternity Voices Partnership has been tasked to explore how we can make this happen by March 2019 by carrying out this survey on personalised care planning.

Your feedback

The Maternity Voices Partnership is committed to treating people fairly and would like to ensure that it provides services which are appropriate and accessible to everyone.  To do this we need to consult as widely as possible with different communities, groups and individuals from across the whole of Nottinghamshire to ensure that all voices are heard. The group gives you the opportunity to share your feedback on the care you have received. The information you provide is important to help improve maternity services in the future and comments received will be shared with members of this group. Any personal information you provide to us is retained by us in a way which wholly protects your anonymity. This information is retained for 6 years and then securely destroyed. If you require further information please seek