Education other than at school

Closed 23 Feb 2024

Opened 17 Jan 2024


There are some pupils in Nottinghamshire who do not have a school place and require access to education other than at school until it is appropriate to allocate them with a school place. Nottinghamshire County Council’s policy is designed to ensure that vulnerable pupils who would otherwise have no access to learning are identified and are provided with appropriate personalised learning.

This policy has also been designed to ensure that, wherever possible, vulnerable pupils on school rolls retain a connection to their school even when they are facing physical and mental health challenges. This is key to their mental well-being and to ensure that they have access, wherever possible, to the curriculum content being studied by their peers to reduce the development of significant knowledge gaps and to support reintegration.

Schools can seek funding through Additional Family Needs Funding (AFN) or through High Level Needs (HLN) and Partnership Funding Streams to support the development of personalised learning. Advice and guidance is available to schools from the council’s Health Related Education Team, the Partnership Team, the Education Psychology Service, the Communication and Interaction Team, the Primary Social Emotional and Mental Health team and the Specialist Family Support Service.

We are asking for views on the council’s approach and are seeking feedback from schools and families.

Please read the council’s proposed policy at the bottom of this page before completing the survey.

The responses and comments will help us to develop the policy and to ensure that local needs are understood.

Thank you for providing feedback.