B6035 Forest Road and B6035 Sherwood Street, Market Warsop - Proposed 40 M.P.H. Speed Limit Order (2228)

Closed 17 Jan 2020

Opened 11 Dec 2019


It was previously proposed to reduce the speed limit of the derestricted length of Forest Road to 50mph between the A6075 Mansfield Road and a point just before the cluster of houses on Forest Road. From this point the speed limit was proposed to be reduced to 40mph up to the existing 30mph terminal signs on Sherwood Street.

As a result of the public consultation and further research, the proposal has been amended to reduce the speed limit to 40mph for the full length of Forest Road and up to the 30mph terminal signs on Sherwood Street as shown on drawing number H/JMR/3066/02.

The proposed speed limit is designed to improve road safety for all highway users.