Black Scotch Lane, Mansfield - Humped Zebra Crossing

Closed 19 Jun 2019

Opened 22 May 2019


It is proposed to introduce a humped zebra crossing on Black Scotch Lane, approximately 30 metres south of Woodland Drive, outside Berry Hill Primary and Nursery School as shown on drawing number H/JMR/3104/01.


The proposed zebra crossing will help pedestrians, especially school children, to cross the road. It will consist of a controlled zone (length of white zig-zag lines) where waiting and loading will be prohibited at all times. The crossing will be built on a raised plateau which will be 10 metres wide (from bottom of ramp to bottom of ramp). Some lengths of the existing School Keep Clear markings outside the school will be replaced by the white zig-zag lines for the zebra crossing. The remaining School Keep Clear markings on the western side of Black Scotch Lane will be amended to suit the new highway layout resulting in an increase in length of 3 metres.