Burton Road, Gedling - Proposed Double Yellow Lines and Humped Zebra Crossing

Closed 29 Jul 2022

Opened 24 Jun 2022


The proposed parking restrictions on Beaumaris Drive, Burton Road and New entrance to Carlton le Willows Academy and a humped zebra crossing outside the entrance are being introduced as part of the scheme to provide a new access into the Academy. The new double yellow lines will help to ensure that the junction of Burton Road/Beaumaris Drive and the junction with the New Academy Entrance/Burton Road are kept clear of parked vehicles to allow an unobstructed crossing point for pedestrians.

In addition to the double yellow lines it is proposed to introduce a bus stop clearway on Burton Road to ensure that the bus can always stop at the kerb line to drop off and pick up passengers. A new humped zebra crossing is proposed which will have a controlled zone (zig-zag lines) to both sides of the crossing to ensure that the approaches to the crossing are kept clear to allow a better view of pedestrians waiting to use the crossing.