The Nottinghamshire County Council (B6031 Carter Lane, Warsop Vale) (Derestriction) Order 2018 (2213)

Closed 14 Feb 2018

Opened 17 Jan 2018


The speed limit along the rural section of Carter Lane between Longster Lane and the Mercury Garage at the western extent of Warsop Vale is currently 30mph. It is considered that a speed limit of 30mph through this rural environment is inappropriate and is more likely to result in reduced compliance of the 30mph speed limit through the urban area of Warsop Vale.

It is therefore proposed to relocate the start of the 30mph speed limit to a point just west of the Mercury Garage, at the edge of the urban area of Warsop Vale as shown on drawing number H/JMR/2630/01. The rural stretch of road from Longster Lane to this point would then become the national speed limit of 60mph.