Eakring Road, Mansfield - Proposed Bus Stop Relocation, Bus Stop Clearways and Raised Kerbs

Closed 16 Nov 2018

Opened 24 Oct 2018


Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing to relocate bus stop MA0016 (shelter will be removed) due to difficulties the bus has aligning with the kerb after emerging from Big Barn Lane. It is also proposed to introduce two bus stop clearways and install raised kerbs on Eakring Road, Mansfield. The clearways would prohibit stopping by all vehicles, except buses and would be in force from Monday to Saturday between the hours of 5am and 7pm. The clearways would be identified by new road markings and signage on the existing and relocated bus stop posts.

The relocation of bus stop MA0016 and clearway restrictions are being proposed to allow the buses unobstructed access to the bus stops.