Has Made-Additional Residents` Parking Places-Brunt Street, Mansfield (TRO 2226)

Closed 12 Nov 2020

Opened 1 Oct 2020


Via East Midlands Ltd is working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council to deliver highway services.

Consultation with residents and businesses located on Brunt Street, Mansfield took place in May 2019. Residents who responded were all in favour of the proposed alteration to the parking restrictions on Brunt Street. The proposals are therefore now being publicly advertised as shown on drawing no. H/JMR/3059/02.

Additional residents’ parking bays are being proposed on Brunt Street as shown on the enclosed plan. It is proposed to remove the existing limited waiting bay opposite property numbers 17 to 23 and introduce a longer residents’ parking bay in its place. This existing bay appears to be underused and given that there are other limited waiting bays at the south-eastern end of Brunt Street and on Church Lane, it is felt that this space could be better utilised by residents.