Proposed Parking Restrictions (TRO 2240) Windmill Lane Area, Mansfield

Opens 2 Dec 2021

Closes 7 Jan 2022


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County has received requests from your County Councillor and from residents, to address access problems caused by inconsiderate parking and long-term parking. Following a pre consultation with local residents and businesses, the following restrictions have been re-designed to remove obstructive parking in the area and increase the availability of short-term parking adjacent to Carr Bank Park.

The specific locations are:

•           Park Avenue / Clipstone Avenue – Double Yellow Lines - (No waiting at Any Time)

•           Clipstone Avenue – Double Yellow Lines around the bend- (No waiting at Any Time)

•           Clipstone Avenue / Windmill Lane–Double Yellow Lines at junction(No waiting at Any Time)

•           Windmill Lane– Double Yellow Lines- (No waiting at Any Time)

•           Oak Avenue / Windmill Lane – Double Yellow Lines at junction (No waiting at Any Time)

•           Sunnycroft Court - Double Yellow Lines (No waiting at Any Time) at junction and Single Yellow Line (Monday – Friday 8.00am – 4.30pm)

•           The Park – Double Yellow Lines (No waiting at Any Time) at the junction and turning head

•           Watson Avenue – Moving existing Double Yellow Lines outside of no.16’s frontage

•           Bath Lane – 3hr limited waiting parking (Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 6.00pm)

The proposals are shown on drawing number H/MN/3614/02.

Give us your views

This activity will open on 2 Dec 2021. Please come back on or after this date to give us your views.