Radcliffe Road (A6011), Gamston - Proposed 40mph Speed Limit - Advert

Closed 20 Dec 2023

Opened 22 Nov 2023


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, is proposing to introduce a 40mph speed limit on the A6011 Radcliffe Road between the A52 Gamston roundabout and the existing 40mph speed limit. The new speed limit would replace the existing National Speed Limit of 70mph.

The proposed speed limit is part of a series of measures being introduced by National Highways as part of their scheme to improve safety, remove the risk of vehicle collisions and help reduce queuing and delays for drivers using the Gamston roundabout. The introduction of 40mph speed limits on the approaches to and on the roundabout will help improve safety for road users on the new signalised roundabout and also pedestrians and cyclists who will be using the new crossing facilities which have been constructed as part of the new scheme.

The scheme was previously advertised in July/August 2021 but because the Order has not been sealed within 2 years the Order has had to be re-advertised. The scheme is unchanged from the previous consultation.