Rempstone Road, East Leake - Prohibition of Driving and 40mph Speed Limit

Closed 14 Apr 2020

Opened 12 Mar 2020


The prohibition of motor vehicles is being proposed because of the expected increase in traffic due to the additional houses being constructed on Rempstone Road to the north-west of the Loughborough Road junction. The restriction will stop motor vehicles from cutting through to Rempstone and the A60. The prohibition will reduce the current number of accidents at the junction which are caused by vehicles not stopping and overshooting the junction. The crossroads junction would be safer for all users. 

To the north-west of the Loughborough Road junction it is proposed to introduce a 40mph speed limit. The limit would start from near the junction and extend in a north-westerly direction to finish at the start of the existing 30mph speed limit. The new limit would reflect the changing nature of the road with the new housing development on Rempstone Road. The 40mph would reduce the speed of traffic approaching the 30mph speed limit.