Closed 18 Jan 2023

Opened 15 Dec 2022


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, proposes to create an enforceable bus stop clearway at the following stop and is shown on the attached site notice: -

No Stopping Mon – Sat 7 am – 7 pm, except buses  - 19 metre clearways

  • Carnarvan Place, Bingham (RU 0644)

The County Council works closely with all public transport operators across the County to identify bus stops that suffer from inconsiderate parking. At the locations listed above, bus stop clearways are to be installed that prohibit other vehicles from parking or waiting in the bus stop at the times specified and these will be clearly identified with new road markings and signage. The main benefits of bus stop clearways are to:

  • Help the bus align with the kerb to enable better access for disabled passengers and pushchair users;
  • Ease congestion as a correctly aligned bus will not block the road for other road users;
  • Ensure that bus drivers discharge their duty to drop passengers off on the kerb and not on the road;
  • Ensure that bus services operate on time and are not unnecessarily delayed.