SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - A6006 Melton Rd, East Leake - 40mph Speed Limit Order

Closed 20 Jun 2023

Opened 3 May 2023


The new speed limit will help reduce the speed of traffic on the A6006 through the junctions with Leake Lane, Loughborough Road, the entrance to Home Farm and the existing entrance to the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre. An additional new entrance is planned into the Centre and is expected to increase the number of vehicles turning off and onto the A6006. The speed limit on this length of road is currently 50mph and the lower traffic speeds will give more time for drivers to react to turning vehicles.

The consultation for the speed limit was previously sent out during February 2021. The consultation process requires that the speed limit is brought into force within 2 years of the scheme being advertised but unfortunately the works to install the speed limit have not been completed within the 2 year period. Therefore the scheme was re-advertised, there are no changes to the previous consultation.