SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - Hartland Drive and Seaton Way, Mapperley - Double Yellow Lines

Closed 21 Jan 2022

Opened 7 Dec 2021


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, has introduced double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) restrictions on Hartland Drive, Seaton Way, Shaldon Close and Spring Lane. The extents of the lining has been decided after consideration of the responses received from residents during the initial consultation which took place at the end of 2020. The restrictions are intended to keep bends and junctions clear of parked vehicles to allow the safe passage of vehicles.

The double yellow lines have been introduced because of increased obstructive parking associated with the adjacent Gedling Country Park. The lines are concentrated around the pedestrian entrances into the Country Park.

The restrictions were reduced in length (from 26m to 21m) outside 41 Seaton Way to allow more on-street parking for residents.