SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - Laneham Road between Dunham on Trent & Treswell - 50mph Speed Limit

Closed 17 Apr 2023

Opened 2 Mar 2023


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, has introduced a 50mph speed limit on Rampton Road and Laneham Road from the junction with Green Lane, Treswell to the 40mph speed limit in Dunham on Trent. The 50mph speed limit has replaced the previous National Speed Limit of 60mph. In addition to the 50mph speed limit on Laneham Road the start of the 30mph speed limit on Main Street, Laneham, has been moved from its previous position to the location of the first lamp column as you turn off Laneham Road. The 50mph speed limit extends from Laneham Road to the start of the 30mph speed limits on Main Street, Stokeham; Main Street, Laneham and Dunham Road, Laneham.

The lower speed limit has been introduced as part of an accident reduction scheme. In a period between 2018 and 2021 there were 5 injury accidents recorded on Laneham Road. As well as lowering the speed limit there were other works to ensure that the verge marker posts have been replaced, where necessary, on all bends along Laneham Road.