SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - Market Place, Bingham - 20mph Speed Limit Order & One Way Order

Closed 8 Jul 2022

Opened 24 May 2022


The new permanent one way on Market Place replaces the temporary one way that was introduced as part of the Covid social distancing measures. The one way goes from the junction with Market Street to the junction with Church Street. The temporary signs have been replaced with permanent signs on new posts. A permanent 20mph speed limit has also been introduced on Langtry Gardens, Market Place (between its junctions with Market Street and Church Street) and Station Street.

The new 20mph speed limit will help reduce the speed of traffic and ensure a safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists especially around the busy Market Place. The one way will allow the traffic around the narrow Market Place to flow more freely as traffic will not have to give way to vehicles travelling in the opposite direction.