Sookholme Lane Area, Market Warsop - Proposed Double Yellow Lines

Closed 16 Aug 2023

Opened 13 Jul 2023


Via East Midlands Ltd, is working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council to deliver highway services in Nottinghamshire. As part of the new housing development off Sookholme Lane, Market Warsop it is proposed to introduce double yellow lines (no waiting at any time) at the following locations:-

•           Junction of Sookholme Lane/The Hawthorns

•           Junction of Sookholme Lane/Ragnars Walk

•           Junction of Ragnars Walk/Thorleaf Way

•           Turning head at end of Ragnars Walk

•           Turning head at end of Thorleaf Way (south-west to north-east section)

The proposed double yellow lines will help to ensure that parked vehicles do not restrict visibility for vehicles turning in or out of the junctions. The restrictions will also ensure that there is a clear route for pedestrians to cross the road. The restrictions at the turning heads will help ensure that vehicles can turn around and residents can access the private drives off the turning heads.