The Nottinghamshire County Council (Gorsethorpe Lane, Kings Clipstone) (50 M.P.H. and 30 M.P.H. Speed Limit) Order 2018 (3283)

Closed 4 Nov 2018

Opened 10 Oct 2018


It is proposed to reduce the speed limit of the derestricted length of Gorsethorpe Lane between Kings Clipstone and the A6075 to 50 m.p.h.

The proposed speed limit is designed to improve road safety for all highway users and to support compliance with the existing speed limit within the village of Kings Clipstone.

A request has been received from the Parish Council to consider moving the existing 30 m.p.h terminal point at the junction of Gorsethorpe Lane and Squires Lane to improve driver awareness of the limit. Visibility of the existing signs for drivers travelling along Gorsethorpe Lane is restricted by a bend and a tree. It is therefore proposed to move the 30 m.p.h terminal point 80 metres north-west.