Installation of Zebra Crossing: Scrooby Road, Bircotes

Closed 26 Nov 2020

Opened 5 Nov 2020


Installation of Zebra Crossing: Scrooby Road, Bircotes


Via East Midlands Ltd in partnership with Nottinghamshire County Council is proposing to install a Zebra Crossing on Scrooby Road, near its junction with Grosvenor Road. The proposed crossing will provide a safer crossing facility for pedestrians over this busy road.


The Zebra Crossing will incorporate a controlled area indicated by zig-zag markings along the approaches to the crossing within which parking and loading by vehicles will be prohibited at all times.


A copy of the statutory Public Notice, stating the County Council’s intention to introduce the Zebra Crossing and a plan showing the location and extents of the controlled area is attached for your information.


Any comments in respect of this proposal should be received by 26th November 2020.


Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0115 804 3687 if you require further information or wish to discuss any aspect of the proposal.