Review of Network Classification for Reinstatement Category and Traffic Sensitivity Designation

Closed 21 Feb 2020

Opened 13 Jan 2020


In preparation for the introduction of a permit scheme, Nottinghamshire County Council has undertaken a review of the current local street gazetteer (LSG) traffic-sensitivity designations.

Changing traffic flows and conditions warrant the regular review of the traffic sensitive designations. Consequently the purpose of the review was to assess clear differences between the current designations for traffic-sensitivity for each street (road) under the control of the Council and potential designations.

This analysis has resulted in an up-to-date proposed network designation which can underpin effective management of the network by this Council. This will assist in meeting our Statutory Network Management Duty. It will also ensure that utilities are not required to restrict their working times unnecessarily.

In accordance with the Regulations, the Council is consulting on the proposed changes between 13th January 2020 and 21st February 2020. The documents below provide more detailed information on how the review was undertaken and the proposed changes.

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