All-age autism strategy - carers questionnaire

Closed 26 Jan 2022

Opened 4 Jan 2022


Organisations who provide health and social care services are looking at the way autistic people are supported from before their diagnosis through to end of life.  We want to plan how to improve services in the future and how best to implement the national strategy locally and we would like your input into this.

We want to make sure that the right services are provided at the right time for children, young people and adults before they are diagnosed, immediately after diagnosis and over the longer term.  We also need to ensure that we provide the right support to the families and carers of autistic people. We value your input as carers as you are likely to know what people need and want, where there are any gaps in service provision and where improvements could be made. 

Please think about the support people had before COVID-19.  However, we know that social distancing measures are likely to have impacted on your experiences and we would like to learn from these too.

You can provide your views by completing this questionnaire.  Sharing your opinions with us will help us to plan future services and what you tell us will help us to see what may need to change in the future.