Working Together for Change Questionnaire

Closed 18 Oct 2019

Opened 26 Sep 2019


We need your views about the Health Services for Children and Young People in Special Schools

Nottinghamshire County & City Councils are asking for the views of parents, carers, children and young people attending Special schools who use health services. To do this we will be using co-production as a way of working to bring together  families and professionals to review and shape provision. It ensures the following:

  •  Honesty
  •  Being listened to
  •  Promotes positive working relationships
  • Strong communication
  • Improved services for families

This survey and following event is for parents, carers, children and young people who have experience of health services in special schools. We want to hear you views about services such as  Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Continuing care or Health Support at home or school.  We are interested in hearing what is working well, what is not working, and any changes you would like for the future.

After this we will be hosting an Event on the 21st and 28th of November where  we will feedback your views and create a plan with you to improve  services for the future.

This consultation opened on the 26th of September and will close on the 18th of October. The online questionnaire should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete. The link can be found below.  

A word version of the  questionnaire is also available please contact