Making your direct payments contribution work for you – consultation process

Closed 13 Nov 2023

Opened 2 Oct 2023


Why are we consulting with you?

Following a review of our Adult Care Financial Services we were told by people who use our services that the way we currently pay people who choose to use a direct payment is hard to understand.

People told us that they do not know how much to pay us or when to pay. This means that sometimes people paid too little and too late.

Currently we pay most people their direct payments after we have taken off the amount that we have said they need to pay, we call this their contribution for their care. 

We would like to hear your views on changing this and making direct payments in full. This would mean we send people an invoice for their assessed contribution so that they then know exactly what to pay and when to pay it.

We are asking you to help us by completing a brief survey. It should take no more than ten minutes of your time. Your participation is voluntary, and you can withdraw at any time. You are free to miss a question.  

We are including an easy read version of the questions. The document can be found at the bottom of this page. You may want to use this and then ask your support person to complete the online survey.

Or if you would like an advisor to complete the survey on your behalf, contact the customer service centre.

Or if none of the above work for you, you could print it off and post it to:

FAO ASC Business Support, Sir John Robinson Way, Arnold, Nottingham, NG5 6DB.

We are also holding three meetings where people can ask any questions that they may have. These are planned as follows:

  • 6 October - on Microsoft Teams, 1pm to 2 pm 

  • 11 October - County Hall, 10am to 11am. You do not need to book this event.

  • 20 OctoberSouth Forest Leisure Complex, Robin Hood Crossroads Clipstone Road, Edwinstowe NG21 9JA, 1pm to 2pm. You do not need to book this event. 

Booking link to book your place on Eventbrite for 6 October.

For more details, please see our consultations and surveys privacy notice at: Privacy Statement | Nottinghamshire County Council