School meals service - schools feedback

Closed 14 Feb 2020

Opened 27 Jan 2020


At Nottinghamshire School Meals service we are always looking to improve the meals and the service we provide to schools across the county.  

To best develop our offer we need feedback from customers on how we’re doing, including what we do well and where we could improve.  We also want to hear back from schools who aren’t currently our customers to understand why you’ve chosen another supplier, and how we could best improve so you may consider us in the future.

This short survey takes approx. 5 minutes to complete but will provide us with invaluable information to help us develop our service to meet the needs of your school and your pupils.

To get the views of pupils and their parents about our school meals we’ve created a further survey, to help us get a better response please could you circulate the survey link to your pupils families.