The Big Notts Survey 2021

Closed 19 Sep 2021

Opened 2 Aug 2021


Ben Bradley MP, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council

We are living in a unique time as we start to recover from a global pandemic that has caused huge challenges for us all over the last 17 months, impacting on our health, jobs, and communities. While it has been a time of great difficulty, it has also brought opportunities and new ways of doing things, that we must embrace and carry forward if we are to be bold and ambitious for the future of our county. 

This autumn, Nottinghamshire County Council will be launching its ambitious new Council Plan which will set a long-term vision for a stronger, more resilient Nottinghamshire and set out detailed priorities to support communities over the next four years. To help us best serve you and your family, we’d like you to tell us how the pandemic has impacted you and what you consider to be the challenges and opportunities as we recover, as well as what changes you would like to see for future generations. Hearing from our communities is key to ensuring that our efforts to recover from the pandemic will help us towards achieving the Nottinghamshire we all want in the future.

This survey takes just a few minutes to complete but will be a huge help in shaping a future that benefits us all.

Cllr Ben Bradley MP
Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council