The Big Notts Young People's Survey 2021

Closed 19 Sep 2021

Opened 10 Aug 2021


Young People, Big Ideas. What is this for, why should I be involved?

Here at Nottinghamshire County Council we are writing a new strategy – a plan about how Nottinghamshire should look over the next 10 years.

To do this we need feedback from people who live here and use the services we offer. This includes young people such as yourselves. By taking just a few minutes to answer some quick questions, you could help shape what Nottinghamshire looks like soon and in the future.

Once the surveys are completed and the plan is created, you will be able to see how your responses were used.

Cllr Tracey Taylor
Nottinghamshire County Councillor, Misterton
Children and Young People’s Committee

Callum Parr
Member of Youth Parliament for the Ashfield District
Nottinghamshire Youth Police and Crime Commissioner (Ashfield)
Sherwood Forest Hospitals Youth Forum Member

Chair of Pioneers on the Forum for Young People with Disabilities