Your feedback on the Healthy Family Teams-for young people of secondary school age and parents/caregivers of school aged children

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Closes 9 Oct 2023

Survey questions

1. I am a:
2. I have heard of the Healthy Family Teams (0-19 Public Health Nursing Service)
3. I know how to contact the Healthy Family Team if I need to
4. I know what sort of things the Healthy Family Team can help me with

The below question is only for parents/caregivers. If you are a young person please go to Question 6.

5. I have heard of Parentline (confidential texting service for parents/caregivers)
6. I have heard of Chathealth (confidential text messaging service for children and young people aged 11 and over)
7. I have heard of the website Health for Teens
8. I have heard of the website Health for Kids
9. Is there anything else you would like to tell us about the Healthy Family Teams?


Healthy Family Teams are local teams supporting you and your family with any health and well being needs.  

You can contact the Healthy Family Teams on 0300 123 5436 or have a look at the website for more details: Healthy Family Teams are part of the Healthy Families Programme | Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust