Pre publication Consultation Stage 1 - Dean Hole Church of England Primary School

Closed 24 Jul 2023

Opened 13 Jun 2023



The Governing Body of Dean Hole Church of England Primary School has requested that Nottinghamshire County Council seek the views of interested parties regarding the future of Dean Hole Church of England Primary School.


Dean Hole Church of England Primary School is a small school with a published admission number of eight, serving the village of Caunton in the Caunton-Norwell primary planning area in the district of Newark. The school is maintained by Nottinghamshire County Council. The last Ofsted inspection of the school (February 2019) rated the school as ‘good’.

The Governing Body of Dean Hole Primary has made it clear that as a result of the current challenges faced by the school there is a need for a formal consultation process to be followed.

Nottinghamshire County Council is consequently following the prescribed process described in Opening and closing maintained schools: Statutory guidance for proposers and decision-makers’ published by the Department for Education, January 2023. The guidance can be accessed via this link.

According to the guidance above, Stage One of the process makes it a statutory requirement to consult with any parties the Local Authority (LA) thinks appropriate before publishing proposals that may lead to the closure of a school: Proposing to close (discontinue) a maintained school (Page 22).

Dean Hole Church of England Primary School is designated as a rural school and Nottinghamshire County Council will therefore also follow the guidelines regarding the presumption against the closure of rural schools.

On 12 June 2023, Nottinghamshire County Council commenced this statutory consultation to explore options for Dean Hole C of E Primary School, including possible closure, at the request of the Governing Body, by meeting directly with those staff, parents and carers directly involved with the school, with the Governors, the representatives of the Diocese and relevant union representatives.

The Governing Body and the Local Authority will use this consultation to consider a range of options for the future of a school (e.g. amalgamation, academisation, federation or closure). The information gathered from stakeholders will be used to inform the publication of specific proposals according to Stage Two of the statutory process outlined at Appendix 1.


Before you begin the consultation

Please read this document to find out more about the reasons for this consultation and the available options you will be asked about on the next page.