Has Made- Cropwell Road, Glebe Lane and Victoria Street, Radcliffe on Trent Introduction of Zebra Crossing, Stopping and Waiting Restrictions-TRO 8284

Closed 16 Apr 2021

Opened 2 Mar 2021


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council to deliver highway services in Nottinghamshire, has introduced and amend parking restrictions on Cropwell Road in Radcliffe on Trent and its junctions in the vicinity of Radcliffe on Trent Junior School and South Nottinghamshire Academy. This includes a new zebra crossing and ‘School Keep Clear’ entrance markings across the Glebe Lane junction.

New Zebra Crossing

A new zebra crossing is to the north-west of the entrance to Radcliffe Junior School on Cropwell Road outside numbers 14/16. The  crossing will assist school children and other pedestrians to safely cross Cropwell Road. The crossing will consist of a controlled zone (length of zig-zag lines) where waiting and loading will be prohibited at all times.

As part of the zebra crossing, one section of the existing ‘School Keep Clear’ entrance markings will be removed as they will be within the new controlled zone. In addition, ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions (double yellow lines) are proposed at the junction of Victoria Street / Cropwell Road to keep the junction and crossing point clear of vehicles and on a section of Cropwell Road opposite the school drive to ensure that there is sufficient visibility for those using the zebra crossing and approaching vehicles.

‘School Keep Clear’ entrance markings

To the south of the  zebra crossing, further waiting and stopping restrictions are  on Cropwell Road and at its junction with Glebe Lane. These restrictions will address issues with obstructive and inconsiderate parking in the area around the entrance to South Nottinghamshire Academy, which restricts visibility for pedestrians and inhibits the movement of vehicles. The restrictions enforce ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ restrictions (Double Yellow Lines) at the Cropwell Road / Glebe Lane junction, ‘No Waiting Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm’ restrictions (Single Yellow Lines) on the north-eastern side of Cropwell Road and ‘School Keep Clear’ markings (No Stopping Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm) across the Glebe Lane access.