SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - A611 Annesley Road, Linby and Annesley - 50mph Speed Limit

Closed 21 Jun 2021

Opened 6 May 2021


The new speed limit has been introduced as part of the current development off the A611 at Top Wighay Farm. The works involve the construction of a new signalised junction between the Annesley Road roundabout and the traffic lights at Hucknall Road. The new traffic lights are to enable vehicles to turn safely into the new development. The lower speed limit will give approaching vehicles more time to see and react to the traffic lights. The extension of the 50mph limit north-west of the Hucknall Road junction would also ensure that vehicles are approaching the existing signals at a lower speed. In addition to the new signalised junction there will be a new access road built off the Annesley Road roundabout. All the roads approaching the roundabout are within the new 50mph speed limit.