SEALED ORDER DOCUMENTS - Hardigate Road and Radcliffe Road, Cropwell Butler - 30mph Speed Limit

Closed 3 Jan 2023

Opened 16 Nov 2022


Via East Midlands Ltd, working on behalf of Nottinghamshire County Council, has introduced extensions to the existing 30mph speed limits on Hardigate Road and Radcliffe Road in Cropwell Butler. On Hardigate Road the speed limit has been extended to the position of the existing village name sign. On Radcliffe Road the speed limit has been extended by approximately 30 metres. In addition the existing village name sign has been moved from its previous position to the new position of the 30mph signs.

The speed limit extensions have been introduced to help reduce the speed of traffic entering the village. The works for the new speed limit have resulted in the speed limit signs and village name signs being placed at the same locations.