Sharphill Primary School, Rose Way, Edwalton - Proposed Waiting and Stopping Restrictions

Closed 6 Apr 2020

Opened 5 Mar 2020


As part of the development works at Sharphill Primary School on Rose Way, Edwalton, Via East Midlands, working on behalf of the County Council, is proposing to introduce a school safety zone. This will consist of a package of measures including warning signs, pedestrian guardrail, bollards,  waiting and stopping restrictions. It is proposed to implement no waiting at any time (Double Yellow Lines) parking restrictions on Rose Way, Wheatcroft Drive and the new school vehicular entrance. These restrictions will help ensure that the junctions and bends in the vicinity of the new school are kept clear of parked vehicles. Outside the school pedestrian entrances it is proposed to introduce School Keep Clear markings. The restrictions will prohibit vehicles from stopping on Monday to Friday between 8am and 4.30pm. This will help to keep the road outside the school clear of vehicles during the school day making it safer for pupils attending the school. The restrictions will also promote the safe and efficient movement of people and vehicles on the Highway by ensuring that key junctions, crossing points and bends are kept free of parked vehicles at all times.