Travel Choice Business Travel Survey

Closed 3 Apr 2020

Opened 11 May 2018


Travel Choice is a project managed by Nottinghamshire County Council to encourage more walking, cycling, public transport and car sharing across Newark and Mansfield. We hope to reduce congestion, improve local air quality and make local people healthier, fitter and have more money to spend on the nicer things in life (rather than petrol)

We are now working with businesses in Newark and Mansfield to encourage more of their staff and visitors to make healthier, more economical and environmentally friendly travel choices. We will offer free advice and support, including a range of great incentives.

The first thing we need your business to do is to develop what is known as a ‘travel plan’. This sets out the travel needs of your staff, and provides an action plan to help you make the most of the free resources available. We can do all the hard work for you – all we need you to do is complete this simple business survey (which will take about five minutes), and we will do the rest....