Tram Concessionary Pass Consultation

Closes 7 Jan 2024

Key information

Key facts on concessionary pass usage by Nottinghamshire residents:

  • In Nottinghamshire, there are currently 154,000 concessionary pass holders; 143,100 concessionary pass holders for older people, 7,600 concessionary pass holders for people with disabilities and 3,300 companion concessionary pass holders.
  • 10 million journeys are made on the bus by concessionary pass holders and their companions each year.
  • 1.14 million tram journeys are made each year – 1 million by elderly concessionary pass holders and 0.14 million by disabled concessionary pass holders and their companions.
  • 60,000 concessionary pass holders use the tram for some or all of their journeys
  • There is a bus alternative to the tram with 75% of pass holders living within 400m (5mins walk) or 85% within 800m (10mins walk) of a 10min bus service.
  • Some communities such as Toton, West Bridgford Compton Acres, and a small number of properties within the County just south of Butler's Hill tram stop/Bestwood Village are not within walking distance of a 10-minute comparable bus service
  • The tram has level access for disabled users in contrast to the bus in many locations.